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Do you offer guest passes?

Not yet a member of the tribe? 
Provided you have experience in Pilates, you may purchase a drop in or guest class for $300mxn. 
Anyone can schedule a private session at any time. Contact us for more details and pricing. 
We do not offer complimentary classes. 

What should I bring to my first class? 

Appropriate excercise clothing is required. Please remove any sharp jewelery! 
Grip socks are mandatory, and can be purchased in the studio for $200mxn.  
A towel and water is optional. 

Can I bring my child?

  Although we love kids, there is limited space in the studio, so we ask that for everyone's best experience, you please leave your children at home.
To attend group classes, you must be 15 years or over.
 If you are seeking rehab, private or private group classes for your child, please contact Rebel Studio to discuss options. 


All classes must be paid and booked in advance in order to guarantee your space. Penalties apply for some cancelled classes. 
Group classes are available in packages, and are good for 30 days. 
All Private classes may be purchased on an individual or package basis and must be paid in advance.
Contact Rebel Studio Pilates directly for current pricing. 


Curious about Pilates? Want to learn correctly from instructors with extensive experience? 
We welcome beginner students! 
All beginners must take a private orientation session, or join our beginner classes in order to join group sessions. 
Contact us for more information on your options. 

Are you hiring? 

Want to join our tribe? As instructors, we appreciate those who want to continue learning and sharing the Pilates method with everyone! We welcome visiting instructors and apprentices, and those looking for more permanent opportunities. 
Please contact us with a little information about your experience, and let's chat. 

Getting here 

We are located in the Main Square across from the Ferry Terminal in Plaza Confetti, steps from the Melgar. You must enter the square on bike or on foot. 
On Foot & Bike: The best way to reach us, enter the park and look for the Plaza Confetti laneway sign, just behind the MILANO jewelers on the Melgar. 
In Car:Parking can be found all around the Square. On the Melgar (ocean front) you might find a spot, or in one of the parking lots off of Calle 1 between av 10 and av 5. There is also a parking lot on av 5 in Plaza del Sol behind the park plaza, and a few others along Av. 5. 

Still have questions? Contact us directly.

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