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Our Philosophy 

   We all want to be the best versions of ourselves, but let's face it - we also want to enjoy life! At Rebel Studio we believe there there is a balance to life which is 100% attainable. Our method entails teaching the Pilates method correctly and effectively, while keeping the repetoires dynamic & fun for your classes. Our beds are new and customized for your enjoyment. In our classes we love music, we love laughter, and we don't take ourselves too seriously.

 We are two spaces ; Group and Private. We have extensive experience, and a health & wellness network associated with our studio. Our background includes specialities in Classical and Contemporary Pilates, as well as physiotherapy, pre-natal and post partum training. We have worked with professional athletes, olympians and other high performance clients, as well as public personalities and models who are striving to achieve aesthetic results. 

  Our goal isn't perfection, we want to help you develop the best version of yourself using the Pilates method - whoever you are at any age. Prepare for a different vibe. 


About: Our Philosophy

Casey Elizabeth

The Original Rebel

   Her Pilates journey started in early 2014. She suffered some major life setbacks, and later in the year developed serious medical issues which resulted in emergency surgery. It left her with entire body misaligned, missing pieces, and major back issues. Luckily, a friend and former acrobat suggested Pilates rehabilition and within 6 weeks felt completely changed. Very soon afterwards she decided to dedicate her life to learning, practicing, and teaching the method of Pilates, and the Rebel Studio Pilates concept was born...

Casey is from the Toronto area of Ontario, Canada, and moved to Mexico in early 2009. She studied Pilates bilingually through Akro Studio (Spain) in order to learn the prestigious Stott Merrithew contemporary method. She is certified in Pilates Mat and Reformer, beginner through advanced, and specialized in pre and post natal Pilates, Rehab Pilates, and has spent years working with special populations. To fortify her Pilates training, she also studied to become a personal trainer.

She has worked for well-known studios in Mexico City, opened and ran a studio, and had her own private studio. She has worked with Olympians, Models, public figures and influencers. She was mentioned in both Vogue and Glamour Magazine Mexico, and has a list of long-time clients who have become friends. 
 Don't let the tattoos, and her wild attitude fool you, Casey stays true to a precise and controlled Pilates style, but adds her own Rebel way to her teaching methods. She is passionate and personal with each and every client who joins her tribe.

 Casey considers herself a true "Pilates Preacher". Her goal is to introduce as many people to the Pilates method as possible. When done correctly, she believes everyone can benefit from this method of conscious movement. 

"Everyone is the architect of their own happiness" 
                              ~ Joseph Pilates 

About: The Original Rebel
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