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At REBEL STUDIO PILATES COZUMEL we’ve designed a number of classes to meet your needs...

Classes: Classes

Member Group Classes 

This class is designed for all levels of students who have some experience in Reformer Pilates, and not currently experiencing any serious injury or health conditions. This is a fun and dynamic class with a constant pace. 

Private Sessions

Private one on one classes personalized and focused on the client's needs. The integrate the use of the Reformer, windachair, ladder Barrel and Spring wall. 
These classes are highly recommended for anyone who is a beginner, those with injury, special requirements, health conditions.
Private sessions are also an excellent opportunity to try new things, do Pilates in a private setting, or focus on personal fitness goals. 

Private Groups 2-6 people 

Private group are available subject to schedule availability and are booked by appointment. 
In a Private Group session the large studio is all yours. It is open to those 12 years and above, and all skill levels including beginner. It's a fun way for  you and your partner, your group, or family to learn something new and excercise together! 

Pre-Natal and Post-partum session 

Our certified specialist will take the client through specialized excercises for those who require special attention before and after baby. 
Diastasis, Pelvic Floor issues, and staying and getting back into shape during and after pregnancy are our specialties. 
(Babies are also welcomed to this class!)

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